Your translator

Clear words, unequivocal terminology – the key to avoiding misunderstandings

Kobro Kommunikation is your specialist for German<>Russian and English>Russian translation.

Do you need a professional translation of a contract or of a board presentation for your conference? Do you require a certified translation of your official records? Kobro Kommunikation produces high-quality translations of your documents – upon request within the shortest time possible and as a certified copy.

As a publicly appointed and sworn translator for German<>Russian, I will sit down with you to create a customized glossary that comprises the specialist terminology specific to your field. Only by applying clear terminology and the required feeling for language is it possible to overcome communication barriers.


Specialist translation

Business reports, advertising brochures, marketing, scientific articles, contracts, inspection reports, and many more

Thanks to Kobro Kommunikation’s sound subject-specific knowledge, research skills and academic writing abilities, we are able to familiarize ourselves with specialized fields in a very short amount of time. Upon completion, the translations we produce of highly-specialized texts are always revised by a qualified colleague.

Conference translation

Speeches, discussion papers, resolutions, agreements, memorandums of agreement (MoA), declarations of intent

At negotiations or large international organizations, translations of working papers and documents must often be drawn up in writing and in several different languages before the event is even over. Even when time is of the essence, Kobro Kommunikation produces German<>Russian or English>Russian specialist translations for you within the shortest possible amount of time, ready for voting or publication.

Translation of official documents

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, education certificates, medical licenses, letters of reference, employee record books, divorce decrees, court documents, etc.

Public bodies and authorities often require certified translations of official documents. Kobro Kommunikation is here to help by producing high-quality German<>Russian translations and additionally vouching for the correctness and completeness of the translation with my seal as state-certified, publicly appointed and sworn translator for German<>Russian.

Subtitle translation

Subtitles for movies and TV shows, theater productions, conferences. Subtitles for TV commercials.

Subtitling entails transforming spoken language into writing. Using special software, subtitlers formulate short texts that convey the essence of what is being said. Kobro Kommunikation has many years of experience in the media field and can provide its clients with German<>Russian and English>Russian translations.