Your benefit

10 reasons for choosing Kobro Kommunikation

Your simultaneous interpreter and translator for German-Russian-English events around the globe

Extensive experience

Over 500 full conference days as an active and consulting interpreter speak for themselves. Renowned clients in Germany, Europe and overseas place their trust in my language expertise.

Highest standards of quality

I am only satisfied if you are, too. As a qualified and certified interpreter and translator, I combine terminology and an innate feeling for language. Our collaboration is always based on a glossary that is custom-tailored to you and your specialist vocabulary.

Absolute discretion

Your information is in safe hands from the very start. Anything and everything we discuss will remain confidential – a fact I vouch for in the non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Intercultural competence

Interpreters build bridges, they mediate between cultures. Being proficient in a foreign language also means internalizing that country’s culture. Only then will your message be truly heard and understood.

High degree of professionalism

Our first meetings take place either at the office of Kobro Kommunikation or, if you prefer, at your location. Getting together for a discreet and relaxed conversation behind closed doors is the basis of our successful collaboration.

Succinct voice

My voice is my capital. The goal is to have your words resonate with your listeners, and I make sure that’s exactly what happens. My articulation and intonation skills were honed to perfection during a two-year-long singing and voice training at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

Stress-free service

My services are also available outside of the interpreting booth. Simply leave the task of coordinating the multilingual communication to me, so that you can concentrate fully on your event.

Comprehensive conference consultation

I will gladly be your main point of contact regarding the translation activities at your international event: I can draw on an extensive network of interpreters and a sound knowledge of conference interpreting technology. This allows you to focus on the bigger picture (content) while I take care of the details (infrastructure).

Up-to-date specialist knowledge

I continuously keep my knowledge about languages, interpreting, translating and specialist terminology up to date by regularly taking part in advanced training (incl. on the subject of GMP). Due to the fact that we also use terminology software, you can rest assured that we will reliably use the correct specialist terms and define them to match your context.

Global availability

For me, distance is no object. Whether in Europe, the USA, South Africa or in the Far East – wherever and whenever you need a trusted interpreter, I will be there by your side.